About Austine Charles


HI, my name is Austine Charles from nigeria



My name  is Austine Charles  from Nigeria i was born and raised in ebonyi state.  I started blogging since 2014 and since then it has been part of my life because of the strong passion i have for blogging. i was actually inspired by my best friend called Cjay Young Charles , we both share ideas back in 2014 when we created our first site in one of the most popular free hosting ‘wapka.mobi’ , he thought me many things about blogging  and the internet . i love sharing my knowledege with friends and that’s the main reason i decided to get a blogging platform where i can easily share my knowlege in blogging and seo to people who are new to it .  actually when i was still a newbie in blogging sometimes i keep wondering how people get to create their own website and because of that i kept doing research and always busy searching google , i have met and discussed with many seo expert and have done alot of research on seo and blogging and was able to gather some knowlege from it .


Actually i created this site and my aim is to provide usefull blogging and seo tutorial and how to make money form blogging  to our readers , here we proivde current and updated  seo guide unlike some website who are still making use of old o seo techniques which no longer work as google keep changing their algorithm.

our main aim is to provide proven seo techniques that still works and not old techniques, here on this site i will always publish  seo secret as some blogger who blog about seo has already put fear in some new bloggers and because of that you begin to think seo are not for newbies. but the fact is you can actually do it yourself you just need to be guided. thanks for taking your time to read this.