14 great tools for proper domain research


What is domain research and why is it important , let say you want to purchase a domain ,it is important you conduct a domain research using domain research tools ,like some domain after buying them and when you want to create a social camapaign for your brand on social networks then just to find out that some one has already used the name which you have choosen and thought it is still available and you know how disappointing that could be. it is also important when buying old or expired domain you can also use some tools to get more information about it before buying it . below are list of domain research tools and their different uses.

Domain research tools

1. Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Google keyword tool is a great tool you can use when you want to research about keyword based domain . that is if you want to find a domain keyword that has high search volume then it would be proper to use google keyword tool.

2. US Trademark Search

You make use of us trademark when you want to or need to research for customized domain and it will help you know if the domain you want to buy has a trademark which some one has claimed already.

3. KnowEm

Knowem will help you find out if the domain name you are about to buy already has a branded social media profile you can visit at www.knowem.com

4. DomainsBot
Domainsbot is a domain suggestion tool that you can just enter a keyword of your choice and it will show if the domain is still available , then if it’s not available it will help in suggestion of names that are similar to your keywords.

5. Just Dropped
Just dropped is used to get daily list of deleted domains 24 hours before they drop you just subscribe with your email and receive alerts about deleted domains. To get started with just dropped visit www.justdropped.com

6. Wayback Machine
Wayback machine is tools used to find out the history of a domain . that is to say that it shows what the previous user of a domain used it for. For example you want to buy an expired domain and you want to find out what the previous user who used the domain before it expired actually used it for then wayback machine is a good tool to use for that.

7. Yahoo Site Explorer
yahoo explorer is used to find out the kind of links a domain that has been in existence has which, is very important if you want to buy an expired domain it will help you a lot to detect the kind of link the domain has so that you will not buy a domain that has spammy links which will hurt rankings.

8. Domize
Dominize is another great domain search tool with a wonderful feature. which allows you search for domain in bulk. That is to say that with dominize you can enter a multiple keyword at a time like you can say blogging, seo,worpress in one querry and get all the domains available in the keywords you entered.

9.Domain Monitor
You know some times domain expires when the owner fails to renew them at the right time so when a domain expires it is been move to the open market so that others who need it can buy them. Domain monitor is a tool used in search for expired domains . to get started with domain monitor visit domaintools.com

10. Whois
whois is another great tool for domain research it is used to get information about the age of a domain, domain registration date and expiring date, domain registrant information and domain nameserver or DNS.

11. Mxtoolbox
Mxtoolbox is another research tool used to find out if your domain has been blacklisted . it is important you use mxtoolbox especially when buying expired or old domain.

12.Expired domains
Expired domain is another great tool . it is used to discover the traffic of a site, check the backlinks of a domain and cpc. It is also used to check for expired domains.

13.Domain iq
Actually I find this tool Domian iq as another wonderful tool. Domain iq is used to check the current position of a domain, google analytics and best of all you can use it to find out google adsense id of a domain.

14. estibot
Estibot is domain value estimation tool. It is use buy domain sellers to find an estimated value of a domain.


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