10 Reasons you will not succeed in your blogging career

Blogging is a thing done for passion and the love you have for it. Becoming a successful blogger is all we dream for as a new blogger .but the issue is everyone wants to be called a popular blogger, but not everyone wants to work for it. There are proven strategies and steps to building a successful blog, it all has to do with your commitment and your great passion for blogging as some people jump into blogging because they heard a kind of story which sounds good to them and they had to join the blogosphere. Not knowing that those popular blogs that they heard their success stories worked very hard and has passed through many strategies before getting to the level they are today. So as a newbie in blogging there some mindsets which have been created in your mind that needs to be changed to succeed in blogging. So let’s get started with the list of mistakes to avoid as a newbie to be a successful blogger.

Reasons you will not you will not succeed in your blogging career

1. Your blog doesn’t contain original content:   content is king they always say and will always be. Always try to be creative by composing your blog post and not copying from others. It is very common among some lazy bloggers, and the worse part of it is that some bloggers don’t even care linking back to the site which they copied their content. That’s very funny some blogger copy contents from other blogs and even get to the extent of copying the name of the blog author unknowingly lol. It is essential you have unique content on your blog .even if you can’t write them yourself, then hire experienced writers or a freelancer to do that for you because it will help your blog gain more trust and loyal readers. And as well encourage people to share your content across because they are new posts and not what they have read 100 times.

2. You started your blog with the mindset of making thousand dollars with zero work: so they told you that fishy story huh! And you want to go along with the mindset that you will start making thousand dollars without putting in hard work? Then you haven’t started yet as I said earlier blogging is all about your passion and the love you have for it and need to be ready to work hard to succeed.

3. Low-quality content: users are always attracted by the content you provided to them, which means the more quality content you offer, the more engaging your users will be, good content is what users need on your blog so give them what they want to keep them coming back to read your new articles.
4. Not being consistent: as long as blogging is concerned you need to be consistent if you stay for a long time without posting new contents, it is assumed you have abandoned the blog, which means you will lose returning users because there are no fresh updates to keep them coming back. So never stay for two to three weeks without publishing new content on your blog. You need to keep your users engaged with new contents.

5. You don’t engage with other bloggers in your niche:  it is no doubt there are many bloggers that are into the same niche you are into as well, so you have to engage with them, share ideas together because I believe in the saying that two heads are better than one. Which means you are also expanding and getting exposed to new ideas as you come together. There are many popular forums where you can meet other bloggers in your niches like quora.com, warrior forum and so many other popular forums you can join and hook up with your fellow bloggers. It is essential, and you can as well drive a targeted traffic from those forums, and let new users discover your blog. There is a technique you can always use to find bloggers forum just go to google search and enter a title like “blogging forums” or “bloggers forum” then you will see forum where blogging is being discussed click on them and register then edit your profile after registration you can also add your site URL in the section provided for it .
6. You are not persevering:  so what do I mean by not being persevered? Some newbies bloggers will create a new blog, create contents and start sharing them over the internet and after they discover they don’t have many users reading their posts they will get tired and frustrated and some for that reason quit on the long run. And they fail to understand there are always hard time in everything you do, and you can only succeed if you can overcome them. Keep working and never get tired give it another try and you will be amazed. A blog is not built in a day, it only takes a gradual process to achieve your aims so stay strong.
7. Blogging is not all about writing alone:  this may sound confusing to you guys, but what I actually came to understand after few years of experience in blogging is that, it is not all about writing contents and sharing them across it is as well about giving attention to what others have to say about an idea , reply people comments and look into they point of view, help them out, and they will become regular visitor to your blog.

8. You don’t stick to the truth:  nothing kills your reputation faster as posting things that are not real and posting what doesn’t give a user a satisfaction of why they clicked your link in the first place always believe in the truth and have faith in what you write.

9. You are not blogging about a particular niche: from research blogs that are niche based tend to achieve success faster than blogs that are not niche based so chose a topic you are good in writing and provide the best you can to your readers.
10. You are not ready to learn seo and embrace new ideas: seo is the best way of driving traffic to your blog. It is very important as long as traffic is concerned seo is a must for every blog learn SEO and increase your chances of success.

Conclusion: Blogging is full of fun and as well hard to achieve success in blogging. To be able to succeed in blogging you need to be quick embrace new ideas and be ready to co-operate and share ideas with other bloggers.
Thanks for taking your precious time to read this post and don’t forget to share to other people.

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